The Benefits of Stocking Kiln Dried Logs

19th November 2013

Certainly Wood is the largest supplier of firewood in the UK, specialising in British kiln dried logs, kindling and Flamers natural firelighters along with a range of other wood fuel related products. It was set up over six years ago by brothers Nic and George Snell, from the family farm in Herefordshire.

Certainly Wood now produces over 16,000 tonnes of kiln dried logs and 2,000 tonnes of kiln dried kindling and is about to start producing its own Flamers. All the logs are dried in the unique wood fired kilns which George invented over ten years ago and the 100kw solar panels help to produce some of the electricity requirements. Most importantly all the wood is hardwood and sourced from local sustainable British woodland - only a surprise when you are told that much of the UK’s kiln dried logs actually come from Eastern Europe, so overall the company is very focused on its green credentials. It was even the first company in the UK to become approved under the new HETAS Quality Assured Fuel Scheme, so you can be guaranteed a quality product every time.

Certainly Wood has been supplying into the stove retailer market for six years and has seen some rather interesting developments over this time and there are many more benefits for retailers than first thought. So what are the key benefits to retailers of stocking the range of Certainly Wood’s premium quality wood fuels?

  1. Using the logs in your ‘live’ showroom stoves helps to show them off with a nice clean glass - much easier to sell!
  2. When you sell the stove, it’s highly recommended that you provide your customer with one of the Starter Kits. This ensures the customer gets started on the right fuel and immediately sees the benefits of kiln dried logs - clean burn and maximum heat. Also the starter kits introduce the customers to the kindling and Flamers.
  3. Having got the new stove customer onto the right wood, they then change their wood supply to damper wood and the stove glass goes black and they don’t get the heat output. When they then ring you to complain about the stove, you can easily sort the problem out over the phone. This saves sending an engineer to sort out the problem which you know will be because they are using the wrong fuel and this could cost you £50 in wasted time and money!
  4. Having sold a stove, the chances are you may not see this customer for another 20 years, but if you are stocking the logs, kindling and Flamers, they could come back every couple of weeks increasing footfall to your showroom which could then lead to other product sales.
  5. Finally, not only could you be drawing in other local customers for wood that perhaps buy poor quality wood from their local garage, but you could be attracting potential new stove customers and that must surely be the ultimate goal.

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